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Powersafe Single Pole Connectors

Phase 3 Asia Powersafe range are the highest rated, safest and finest quality single pole connectors as used by the power, events, military and cable assembly industries worldwide. Powersafe single pole connectors are 100% manufactured and assembled in the UK by Phase 3 and can be used for high current connections up to 800A. The plug’s powerlock mating system is mechanically keyed and locked, meaning Powersafe cannot be mis-mated or disconnected accidentally under load.

High Power

For use in high power, low voltage applications, with current ratings of either 400A/500A or 660A/800A.

Safest Connector

Innovative designs make Powersafe one of the industry’s safest connectors. We have full test reports for all electrical plugs and sockets.

Quality Manufacturing

We manufacture the highest quality products to ISO9001:2015 standards with regular audits from BSI..

BiMetal Connections

Some cable in Asia is aluminium, so we sell a bimetallic connectors for copper cable or aluminium cable.

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Power Generator Connectors

Performance Enhancements

  • Increased Current Carrying Capacity (500A/800A)
  • Increased Short Circuit Ratings (35.5Ka)
  • Reduced Insertion Force
  • Improved Impact Resistance
  • Rubber Hand Grip for ease of coupling & added impact protection
  • Cable Strain Relief (25mm-300mm)

Safety Improvements

  • UL Certified
  • Waterproof & Dust Protection Rating (IP67)
  • Finger-Proof Contacts
  • Flame Retardant (UL94-VO)
  • Protection against electric shock (IP2X)
  • Rubber protective caps to protect connectors from damage

More Powersafe Products

Environmental Caps

The Powersafe environmental caps allow connectors to maintain an IP67 water & dust proof protection rating when unused.

Powersafe Dust Caps

BiMetal Connectors

The perfect solution for integrating aluminium cable into copper circuits in high current applications.

BiMetal Aluminium Connectors

Power Distribution Box

The sequential mating unit mates with Powersafe connectors for three phase applications in power distribution.

Powersafe Power Distribution Box

Source & Drain Connectors

  • Powersafe are available in Source (Female) & Drain (Male) format.
  • Choose between line connectors and panel mount connectors.

Region Specific Colours

Each line has its own colour dependent on the country it is being used in. Asian colours are modern UK colours. Find out more about international wiring colours.

International Wiring Colours

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